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13 Days / 23 Hours / 32 Minutes left until Supernatural : Season Ten Premiere

13 Days / 23 Hours / 32 Minutes left until Supernatural : Season Ten Premiere

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My tribute and 1000th post dedicated to beautiful person, amazing personality, wonderful friend and father, incredible actor and person with the biggest heart - Misha Collins <3

" I have an amazing mother, but when I was growing up she didn’t always have a tremendous amount of material resources at her disposal. We were on welfare and very poor for some time and we were homeless for a while. When I was eleven, we were taken in by [friends who let us live on their] farm for several months. They were unbelievably generous with us. They gave us essentially room and board for months because they knew we didn’t have a place to go, and they enabled us to feel like we weren’t a burden there, by allowing me to work on the farm and to earn my keep. Of course at eleven, I was completely useless and probably more in the way than anything, but it was just like an extension of their kind act to allow me to think that I wasn’t a burden there, and so I would go out in the field and transplant leeks and rake hay into rows and things like that. When I was 13, I decided it was a good time to start carving things into my legs with an exacto knife. I carved the word „why“ into my leg. Kinda makes you drop a silent tear, doesn’t it? That was one calf, and then a peace symbol on the other leg.

It’s something that has stuck with me and there are other incidences in my childhood that have stuck with me, you know, a woman that gave my mother $100 when I was six so that she could buy me and my brother Christmas presents that year. I didn’t even know who she was, it was just this really generous act that made a huge difference in these small children’s’ lives and to my mother as well. Thirty years later I still remember that, and it still affects on how I behave, not always … (laughs), but when it comes to my mind it affects how I behave and I think that that is kind of what I am getting at. It can be infectious and exponential. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be trying to do this random acts project if somebody hadn’t demonstrated that kind of kindness to me when I was young and likewise people who receive, who are the recipients of the random acts that we do now, will probably carry on that tradition later.

Our core message is that you can make a difference in people’s lives with even small contributions; it’s an effort to get people to be less apathetic and a little bit more involved. People don’t have to dramatically change the course of their lives to make a change in someone else’s life. I grew up with a single mom on welfare and there were some instances in my childhood where the kindness of strangers made a huge difference in our lives and made a lasting impact on me. We were homeless at one point and living in a tent and someone gave us a gift certificate so we could go and have breakfast in a restaurant, and it was such a big deal to us. It was such a lovely morning for us and for someone else it was $14, like nothing. So, the core mission is to carry that spirit forward, encouraging people to make small contributions that make a big difference. “

- Misha Collins

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Jensen Ackles + conventions

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Mom : you are beautiful

Me :


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I wonder if my brother knows he’s famous on the internet

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It’s that moment I realized, what started off small but grew everyday.

It’s eating at me now, I feel as if I’m fading away.

You wanna believe in someone, you wanna believe in something

You wanna believe that you can love again.

Did I do that to you? Is it my fault?

Should I have said what I never said? Instead of locking it in my vault?

It’s true, that I miss you. Everyday I think about you and cry.

It’s been so long, I left you, and I ask myself why?

Why am I sad, I did this.

I was so afraid of hurting you, that I killed myself.

So yes, it’s true, I miss you.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve cried for you.

I’ve cried to myself in the darkest rooms,

but I can’t find my way out of this runes.

I’m so sorry I hurt you, I wish I could take it all back.

I’m so sorry I hurt you, and stab myself in the back.